Aerial Imagery Research Service

* The Map & Imagery Laboratory’s public service desk is permanently closed. Users can request aerial photographs via email ( and phone (805-893-3948). Please see this news item for detailed information. *

The Aerial Imagery Research Service (AIRS) is the community access point to the aerial photography collections of the UCSB Library’s Map & Imagery Lab (MIL).  The MIL holds and manages a large and diverse collection of aerial photography, including the most comprehensive collection of aerial photographs of California that is known to exist.

AIRS offers various options for research and reproduction requests of MIL’s aerial photography collection.  AIRS is obliged to be revenue neutral for the University.  Our fees subsidize the long-term preservation of the collection and ensure continued access to the imagery for both the public and the University of California (UC) academic community.

To submit a research request, fill out a research request form and email it to with a map showing your Area of Interest (AOI).

If you are performing UC related research, please visit the Map & Imagery Laboratory’s website.

Please call (805) 893-3948, or email with any questions.